Cosmetic Dentistry



Dental veneers are custom-made shells that fit over the front surfaces of your teeth. They conceal cracks, chips, stains and other cosmetic imperfections. Veneers are one of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Smile Designing

A smile design is a dental procedure which artistically creates straighter, whiter and beautiful natural looking smiles. It can do wonders to fully restore your dental health and appearance regardless of the original state of your existing teeth.

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Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a dental process to restore teeth’s true color. It makes teeth whiter and more attractive. There are various procedures, from quick and cheap whitening strips to pricier, effective options. Professional teeth whitening is recommended for best results and to prevent issues.

Tooth Jewellery

Dental jewellery, or Tooth Gem, is a non-invasive adornment involving gems, rhinestones, or crystals attached to a tooth using adhesive. Safely applied without enamel damage, it’s painless, injection-free, and takes just 15 minutes. 

tooth jewellery