Tooth Jewellery

Dental jewellery (Tooth Gem) is basically a gem, a rhinestone, or a crystal that’s put onto a tooth of your choice using an adhesive without damaging the enamel.

Placing dental jewellery is painless and does not require any injection. The tooth will not be drilled for placement of dental jewellery and only takes 15 minutes for the entire procedure. Dental jewellery is firmly bound to the tooth similar to an orthodontic bracket. The chances of it falling while eating are very rare. The bonding procedure has also been simplified and is completely reversible and safe.

The longevity of Tooth jewel
These jewels can last for a long time. However, few people need these jewels only for special celebrations or a specific event, and others may retain them for a lifetime. Depending upon the type and purpose of tooth jewellery opted, and consequently its bonding material, this finished product will last for about four months to four years! It is important, that you the patient, know that this procedure is not permanent.

Removal of Tooth Jewel
When you feel that you want to remove the jewel from your teeth, you need to plan a visit to Arihant, India and get them removed. One should never try to remove the jewel at home as it can badly harm your tooth. The procedure is similar to the removal of orthodontic brackets. When it is removed, the gem/charm is simply popped off and the tooth will be polished to remove any remaining bonding material.

Dental Jewellery Aftercare

You should avoid brushing your teeth vigorously and eating spicy or sticky foods. It’s important to maintain proper oral hygiene after a tooth piercing. Also, try not to touch or play with it once it’s placed. It’s important to have dental check-ups every 6 months to make sure the jewellery is not damaging your teeth or gums.