Metal Free Crowns and Bridges

For many years, dentists have used metal crowns to protect and repair teeth — but now we have better alternatives.  Yes, there are non-metal crowns that provide a safer, more natural way to shield your tooth. And they’re just as durable as metal crowns. 




Benefits of Metal-Free Crown

  • Are less conducive to cold and heat, thus less likely to trigger sensitivity.
  • Won’t trigger reactions from metal allergies.
  • Are faster and easier to fit than metal crowns.
  • Easily mold into the ideal shape for your mouth.
  • Look more natural, imitating the pearly sheen and color of real teeth.

Metal-free crowns used to be weaker than metallic crowns, but that’s not the case anymore, thanks to innovative modern crowns like zirconium. Now, they can withstand the force of biting, chomping, and chewing every day.

FAQs about metal free crowns and bridges

More durable types like zirconia last 10-15 years on average, though they can last 20 years or more with proper dental care and usage. More delicate types, like porcelain crowns, break down sooner and only last 5-10 years. Research has found that the survival rate of ceramic-based crowns is similar to that of metal ones.

Unfortunately, many materials used in dental procedures over the years have actually contained toxic substances. These included silver fillings and crowns, amalgam fillings, and composite resin fillings. Even porcelain-fused-to-metal composites pose some risks, as the metal can loosen and seep out. You don’t want to use materials in your dental crowns that could lead to metal poisoning.

That’s why we recommend using metal-free substances for your dental crowns. A foundation of our biological dentistry practice is to care for your mouth’s health beyond its appearance, ensuring you only use biocompatible dental materials.